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Going Green

We specialize in green and sustainable printing. Here is how we do it:

recycled paper stocks

Recycled Paper

Anyone can use recycled paper but many do not. And of those that do, many do not know that of the recycled fibers in a sheet of paper, NONE has to be PCW (post-consumer waste), which means that paper isn't being kept out of our landfills. We use stocks frequently that are at least 50% recycled and/or 25% PCW recycled content. We prefer to use recycled papers with a maximum %PCW whenever possible. Shouldn't we all?!


wind power

Wind-Powered Paper

We also prefer to use paper that is made using wind-power generated energy. It is becoming more and more available all the time and we use it whenever our customer gives us the "green light". Lower carbon footprint=More peace of mind for our clients!





soy ink

Soy Inks

Inks are similar to recycled papers in that if a minimum of 20% petroleum oil is replaced with soy oils and ink can be called “soy-based”. We are in the process of switching over all our inks to those that have up to 12% vegetable-based oils and a total of up to 56% bio-derived, raw material content.

Digital Equipment

We use the latest in digital technology. This greatly reduces the amount of waste paper AND ink which eases the burden on our environment.

Digital Full Color Heidelberg

Our Heidelberg QMDI press not only uses a fraction of the paper wasted in traditional offset press make-ready, but it is also “waterless”. Traditional, offset presses use water in their systems to regulate ink flow. This water is mixed with a significant amount of chemicals for proper use on press. These chemicals end up on your productand are usually poured down the drain! Since our press is waterless, we are avoiding the use and disposal of these unnecessary chemicals!

Being Green


ALL of our waste paper, including from our offices, is returned to the Cascades paper mill for recycling. We have special containers located throughout the plant for this purpose. We recycled the paper that goes to the mill to become more paper! It's closed-loop recycling, of which we are very proud!


Ink Waste

Most printers throw away significant amounts of ink that has gone bad or has become unusable. Pro Printers doesn't! We store waste ink in a collection barrel and pay a certified “recycler” of waste inks to reclaim it. They treat these inks so that they are harmless before they can be used for fuel or discarded.

safe chemical waste removal

Chemical Waste

Traditional printing plates still use processing chemicals that “weaken” periodically and must be discarded. We buy special collection units made for the purpose of neutralizing these chemicals, turning them into harmless salts. Many printers simply discard these chemicals. We view this extra cost as a "must” to preserve our environment.


Cleaning Chemicals

Presses must be cleaned regularly. Strong chemicals can make the cleaning process go quickly and efficiently, but they are not environmentally-sound. We use a chemical that can be diluted with water so that it is safer for the workers and gentler on the environment. Volatile organic compounds are kept to an absolute minimum!

renewable resources

What Is Next?

We are looking into buying alternative energy, like solar, to power our production facility so that our customers will have the confidence that their product is not only printed on recycled paper with soy inks, but also the energy used was sourced as cleanly as possible! We'll have more info on that soon!