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May I have your attention, please?

May I have your attention, please?

Getting the attention of your customers, whether in an advertisement, email, social media post or presentation, can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you interrupt and engage your customer:

  • Start with a question - A series of rhetorical questions stimulate the audience's mind as they ponder the answers.
  • Power in quotations – A familiar quote can be a great way to start a presentation or marketing message. Quotes can come in many forms:  
  1.  Proverbs: Wisdom from proverbs can be a great opening line.
  2.  Movie quotes: A well-placed, pertinent movie quote can perk up and entertain your audience
  3.  A new twist: Put your spin on a favorite quote or use a quote that may be familiar to you but not to others.
  • Tell a story – Nothing compels attention like a well told story. A story will arouse curiosity, empathy and emotion in the listener.
  • What if and Imagine – these two phrases allow you to take your audience on a journey where the outcome can be controlled by what your company offers.

Studies have shown that evoking emotion in business communications and advertising can have a positive impact on sales. Adding a little more character and personality to your sales and marketing materials using the tips above, may be what you need to add a spark back into your marketing.